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I hope young people who never had civics class in high school figure out that their participation is necessary and they outnumber the boomers. And millennials / zoomers still haven't come out in full force at the polls yet. Not even close.
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New video is up! You get to see the Techlore team out in the wild Go take a look!

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We starting using @plausible on our website as a way to see which pages people spent the most time on, which pages made people leave, and which pages need improvement (our new feedback buttons at the bottom of each page are powered by Plausible!). In our effort to be as transparent as possible, those statistics are now open to the public:

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Back on my own Mastodon instance again 🎉 Guess I should post another on a new profile.

Hi folks 👋 I'm Jonah, this is my personal account. I'm a sysadmin and website creator working on @privacyguides and @techlore. Always looking for follow suggestions! 😃

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I updated the Big Ass Data Broker Opt Out List to add info on new classes of information that Google allows people to remove. And I fixed some typos!


Google Docs:


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